Sunday, November 18, 2012

Proven Money or Lottery Spells That Have Worked Successfully

This review was submitted by Dean S.
I have always wanted to be able to not live paycheck to paycheck or have any debt. I worked in accounting for about 20 years and was barely able to make ends meet. It seemed like any time I moved up in the company and received a raise, my living expenses would go up significantly and I was never able to get ahead.

lottery spells
Then one day my best friend told me the truth about what he did when his wife left him. He had a love spell cast and she stopped the divorce proceedings and they got back together. When he told me this I asked who he used and he gave me their website information. I immediately looked it up when I got to a computer next. I saw that they offered different kinds of money spells to help win the lottery. I was immediately intrigued. I have always felt like I was going to win the lottery someday. I had the jackpot lottery spell cast and awaited my win. I spend $500 (which was a lot for me but I had such a good feeling).

I was told to play the lottery each week and I did what I was told. I played the lottery each week anyways, so it did not change anything. Within about two months it happened. I won $100,000!! I could not believe it! It was not enough money to retire right away, but I invested it well and it has allowed me to go down to part time work and will help me retire much earlier. I am eternally grateful for finding

This review was submitted by Heidi D.
I was down and out when I lost my job. I would not find one for the life of me! I even applied at McDonald's and didn't get a call back. I wanted to take a shot in the dark and see if a money spell would bring me more money. I had a money spell cast and crossed my fingers.

I still looked for a job every day and made it my full time job to get a job. I STILL did not have any luck finding a job. I purchased a scratch off lottery ticket for $1. I was shocked and blessed when I won $1,000! It really helped me be able to relax and not stress as hard about finding a job. I could take a few needed days off before going back to my search. I eventually found a job and it was better than I expected. I'm back on my feet completely again and I really feel as though the money spell that I had cast by worked well.

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