Friday, March 18, 2011

Another Good Review From

This story was submitted by Selena:
I was a train wreck when I found Marcy at My fiance and I broke up after he went to a high school reunion and ran into an old girlfriend that dumped him years ago for someone else. I always thought that he was not over her but trusted him 100%. I kicked myself for not going with him to the reunion but I had to work. His ex just got a divorce and she was coming on to him. He told me it happened so fast and could not stop once it did. I was so hurt and angry. This is the man of my dreams minus his actions on this day. He came home and told me about it and wanted to break up. He felt that it was not right to stay with me if he had feelings for someone else.

Long story short, he ended up moving out of our home and into an apartment. We still saw each other but things were not the same. He stopped making as much effort as he once did. He was cold and selfish. We ended up breaking it off completely shortly after he moved out. I'm not the type of woman that allows a man to cheat and be ok with it, however I just wanted to put it behind us and move forward. That is when I contacted The high priestess Marcy was very helpful and I told her everything that happened between us. She recommend the customized love spell so I had it done that same day.

Within three weeks he showed up at my job with flowers telling me that he made the mistake of a lifetime and could not go on without me. I almost fainted. I have never experienced such a heart ache as this one. We went into couples counseling and worked through all of this. We got married and have been going strong ever since. I cant thank enough for helping me through this nightmare of a time. I recommend them to everyone around me!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Success With Black Magic

The following was submitted to us by Derek H.
I have this neighbor that made my life horrible.  She was constantly watching what I was doing when I came and left my condo.  She did this to everyone because she has nothing better to do with her life.  She started complaining to the association that when I cooked she thought I was burning the place down because she smelled smoke.  I know that she keyed my car because I saw her walk away from it after the damage was done.

This woman has single handly driven out every other tenant that lives next to her because she wants to live in the building alone.  I felt that this was completely unfair and selfish on her part.  I didn't work my whole life to own property just to be driven out.  She also called the police and reported my dog barking as being a disturbance.  I received a ticket and that was the last straw.

I hired to make her sell her condo and move.  Having an annoying neighbor is the WORST feeling in the world and I was done being nice to her.  I had a binding spell done to make her move and within a month I saw a for sale sign on her window.  I was estatic and could not be happier.  I even posted listings on craigslist to help her condo sell faster (she didnt know about this).  Within about two months her condo was sold and she was out of there!  I paid a few hundred dollars and it was worth every penny.  I normally would not go with black magic, but in this case it was necessary.

This was a story submited by Myra P
My success story is with Dora at  She helped me win a legal custody case that my ex husband and I were intangled with.  He was abusive but looked clean to the courts.  I ended up being able to prove that and the judge awared me full custody of our son.  It was a long and drawn out process but I firmly believe that whatever she did helped me win my court case.  I would recommend her for any one that is having a problem legally to contact her and ask her to help.  She is very kind and helped me through one of the toughest time periods of my life!

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This review submitted by Steve. My story is an epic one that will forever be embedded into our good family memories. I planned our yearly...