Monday, September 9, 2013

Successful Witchcraft Weight Loss Spells

Story submitted by Diane K.
One of my best friends is always going to psychics and witches to have readings and spells cast. She has always been overweight no matter what diet she tried. She lost 50lbs and when I asked her how she did it she bashfully replied "I had a weight loss spell cast." I was not surprised. I though it was a little crazy, but needed to lose about 30lbs for my daughter's wedding and wanted to try something. I used the same witch that she did (I guess they have a coven of 13 cast the spell for you). Within two weeks I noticed my energy levels increase and my appetite decrease. I even started craving vegetables (I have always hated most of them). The weight peeled off quickly and has not come back! I'm beyond happy with the weight loss spell that I ordered from!

Story submitted by Phil M.
I had the choice of either weight loss surgery or losing weight on my own. I did not want to alter my body, so I opted to try a weight loss spell first. I used and took a chance. At first it was a little slow moving and I did not notice any significant weight loss. Then it hit me and I lost 25lbs in a few weeks. I'm still losing weight, but not as fast now. I consider my spell a success and wanted to write in to tell you about it. I'm hopeful that the rest of the weight will come off soon. I will let you know what happens over the course of the next few months!

Story submitted by Jackie S.
I tried casting dozens of different weight loss spells myself as I am broke and could not afford to pay for one. I found a weight loss spell on and did the casting myself. To my surprise, I lose the extra 15lbs that I have been struggling to lose for the last 6 months. It may not sound like much, but it was worth all of the hard work that I put into the casting. I feel healthier and have not gained any weight since the casting. I hope it stays that way!

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