Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Spell Casters - Who's Spells Work

This blog is created and maintained by a group of consumers who will blog about experiences with different spell caster and witches.  The goal is to educate and inform people of what is working.  After spending thousands of dollars on spells that did not work we have found a few that did work very well in fact.  One thing that we will not do is bad mouth anyone who's spells did not work for liability reasons.  Many people do not know that if you write a bad review on a company and post it online you can be liable for damages associated with the review in court.  Protect yourself and write about what worked for you rather than what didn't work.  We will only publish positive reviews and experiences.  If you or someone you know has had a positive experience with a witch or psychic please email us at spellreviews@yahoo.com and tell us your story.

The following is the story from one of our members:

 Protection Spells - the best protection spell that we found on the internet was from www.DivineLoveSpells.com.  My neighbor was harassing me to the point of me feeling uncomfortable in my own house.  She would always say mean things to me and complain to the apartment management company about me.  All of these were lies to try to force me out of my own home.  I had a protection spell done by divine love spells and the woman moved out and left me alone!  I'm very happy with the results of my spell done by divine love spells and would recommend their protection spells every day of the week!  They really helped me get my life back to normal and make the woman that was harassing me move on with her life.

The same time that this was all going on I also had a get hired spell cast by www.witchcraftmagicspells.org.  I could not find a job for the life of me and applied everywhere that I found a job posting in person and online.  I was at my witts end when I found their website and read good testimonials about them.  I now am in a management position which is what I requested to come out of the spell and it happened within a month.  Witchcraft-Magic-Spells.com saved me from having to file for bankruptcy and found me a position that I did not feel qualified for but was hired anyways.  I now make double the amount of money that I thought I ever could and I can now help those around me as well.  Thank you!

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