Thursday, April 5, 2018

Leprechaun Luck Spell Box - Lucky as a Rabbit's Foot

This review submitted by Steve.
My story is an epic one that will forever be embedded into our good family memories. I planned our yearly trip to Las Vegas where my wife and I drop the kids off at an aunt's house and stay on the strip for a few days. We enjoy our time exploring and gambling our way through Vegas each year. It gives us a chance to reconnect and just be together without the kids.

I'm in sales and had a good year so we had some extra spending money. This meant that we had more freedom to gamble. Before we left on our trip I ordered a Leprechaun Luck Spell Box to keep our good financial luck going. I have a friend that swears that these spell boxes work better than expected. He did a lot for me in the past so I appeased him by trying one only because he was pushing me to. Fast forward two months...and now we are in Vegas. I had forgotten about that spell box until I won a $100,000 progressive slot machine. Since I'm not a huge gambler, I did not even realize it was the progressive that I hit until the slot attendant came around. That's when the spell box instantly came to mind and I knew that was the reason for this big win. I bought it from

This review was submitted by Amanda.
I started experiencing horrible luck and knew that I needed to turn it around. It was like everything around me was just crumbling and I was beginning to think I was cursed. My logical mind told me not to go down that route and instead focus on bringing more positive energy into my life. I found Jean Claude Swann and thought maybe he could help me with his "Turn Bad Luck Into Good Luck Spell."

I ordered it and he cast it for me. It took a while to start working but when it did finally kick in I was pleasantly surprised with the results. I lost my job but was offered a much better position. My boyfriend cheated on me but I ended up meeting someone that matched my heart better. My finances improved and everything seemed to be better than normal. I felt the energy of the spell the day it was cast and I felt it manifesting too. It was weird but in a good way! Plus I'm super happy about my spell results!

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